Went to visit our worms and what did I see????? ← Spiral Ridge Permaculture

Went to visit our worms and what did I see?????

Black Soldier Fly Larvae staring back at me………..  For the last couple weeks we have been working to find alternatives to grain in our farm’s diet.  Jen, the kids and are are reducing grains and we are designing, researching and experimenting using alternative feed for our chickens, ducks, pigs and dogs.  Our chickens have a large forested run with many immature fodder tree crops.  We are feeding them herbs out of the garden and also some grain.  Our goal is to supply 100 % of our feed on site.  With the black soldier fly we can provide our chickens with a great protein/fat source.  All made from our garden debris and scraps.  Maybe even our HUMANURE!  Yikes.  Don’t tell anyone.  Heheheheee…..

My first one to see.

Then I found this!


I am building a 55 gallon automatic BSF chicken feeder like this one.  We will keep you posted with a blog post.