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The Freedom Rangers have arrived! 2

We ordered our Freedom Ranger meat bird over a month ago and they arrived the other day with much excitement from Amaya, our littlest one.  The Freedom Rangers are used across Europe as free range meat birds.  They gain weight quickly as the cornish cross but do not have the same health issues.  We are selling our free range chicken at 3-4 dollars a pound.  This round will be ready in 12 weeks.  We will have 20 birds for sale in July.  Another 25 in August.  And yet another 25 in September.  Our chicken will be free ranged in our young food forest and supplemented with nutrient dense supplements like Redmonds Salt and Seaweed.  Please email us to order your birds now.  They will go fast.  The monies will go toward improving our food forest and build fencing.  Thanks.  Enjoy the Pictures!