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Spiral Ridge’s art/design studio

Here are some pictures of our studio at the top of the hill.  The studio has local wood framing with straw clay slip wall system.  The posts are local black locust that we charred for extra life.  The metal roof catches rainwater and will passively water our ‘Permaculture Nursery Garden’ system via drip irrigation.  The view is spectacular, invoking expansiveness and beauty.  There is a small pond in front to help regulate temperatures, a gray water system, and it is all off grid powered by 440 watts of solar panels.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!

Lime plaster with lime/linseed oil paint

Our interior walls are straw clay slip with lime plaster.  Our paints were made here on site.

Here is the paint before mixing the linseed oil, pigment,lime and water.

Here is our studio.   Rainwater, solar,pond, red earthbag walls, edibles and of course a hammock.

Our off grid Art/Design Studio