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Spiral Ridge Homestead ice storm 1

As I walked out to do my morning chores, and just get outside where I like to be more than anything.  I could not help but notice the beauty of the iced landscape.  As fractals of light appeared thru icicles hanging on buildings, fences and plants I felt as though I was in a magical land.  As my fingers froze hand scything rye, clover and fescue to feed the rabbits I could not help but feel the need to share the images I was wandering through.  But before I went in to grab the camera I needed to make sure that our homestead hogs were fine.  As I walked closer to their temporary paddock I could see them moving through a prism of ice covered first succession trees.  To say the least they were happy to see me.  As I sat with them rubbing their bellies and telling them how much I loved them I got lost in the future vision of Spiral Ridge.  I could see mosaics of nut, fruit, vine and roots interspersed within a grassland of animals moving throughout.  My heart sang and remembered why we chose to live the way we do.  I felt honored to be at the edge of something extraordinary.  An agricultural renaissance that mimics the production of natural systems,  honoring all the epochs of human existence.  Humbled by this vision I remembered the camera.  As I walked the landscape taking shots of patterns of ice and water suspended in this sacred landscape a great sense of joy came over my whole being.  I realized I have fully found my dharma, my purpose.  It is my wish that we find honor in what we do and to approach life as purpose to lessen the suffering of all beings.