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Spiral Ridge got Pigs! 2

After several days of clearing brush, setting up the movable electric fence and building a pig house, Spiral Ridge Permaculture Homestead got PIGS!  I went to Top of the World Farm  and got two beautiful pigs.  One is a male Mule Foot (Romeo) and the other a female Red Wattle (Juliet).  We will be breeding them in four more months.  They are in their test paddock now.  I spread handfuls of corn on trees that I want cleared.  We will soon introduce Spanish Meat Goats into the mix.  They will go before the pigs in the system moving around and clearing land.  We plan to clear a lot of our land using these animals to help do so.  After they help us clear land they will help us till garden areas, clean fallen fruit and nuts form food forest and provide hours of entertainment.  We will let you know  our results and look for an article sometime about our successes and failures.  Maybe even an e-book.


Heading for Spiral Ridge

Doing what pigs do!