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Regenerative Farming Systems: Soil Biology Part 1

Regenerative Farming Systems are something that we are researching here on our small scale family Permaculture Homestead.   The original concept of Permaculture was ‘Permanent Agriculture’.  One question that I have always pondered is how do we design a ‘permanent’ farming system?  The answer to that is use low impact, regenerative techniques and strategies along with a holistic design process to create regenerative farms.  Spiral Ridge Permaculture specializes in regenerative small scale farming to build a land based culture.  We are demonstrating and researching several Regenerative Farming Systems on our homestead.  They are: BioActive Teas & Compost, Remineralization, Tree & Cover Crops,  Holistic Management practices, Synergistic Agriculture, Human Scale Earth Works, Animals, Fertigation, and Humanure.  So far our Regenerative Farming System is in its early stages after the clear cut in 2007.

Today we started our fall thermophilic compost piles that will be used for the fall and winter growing in our greenhouse, forest garden and kitchen gardens.  I have included a photo log of our compost making process.  We have a lot to learn but every time we do this the compost gets better and better.  Luckily Jacob Roberts, who has studied and taught with Elaine Ingham, was here to help us get to our next level of production.  Enjoy the process!

Ingredients: Sawdust, chopped water hyacinth & comfrey, water, straw and alpaca manure

J-Bird and I building the pile.

Microbes love water!

Putting it all together to make bioactive compost.