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Permaculture Voices Interview

Recently Cliff was interviewed by Diego, of the Permaculture Voices podcast.  They talk about the realities of homesteading, living an off-grid lifestyle, farming, family life and more.  It was a great honor to be interviewed by Diego.  He asked many questions relevant to any aspiring farmer or homesteader.  Sometimes we idealize going back to the land, living off-grid and farming, but most often the reality is much different.  What questions should you ask yourself when looking for land and deciding your approach?  Give it a listen here and if you are not already a fan of Diego’s podcast, check it out.  He has awesome interviews with all manner of permaculture designers, farmers, activists, scientists and change makers.  He also organizes a Permaculture Voices Conference every year with the most innovative and inspiring presenters you’ll find anywhere.

Permaculture Voices Podcast - Spiral Ridge Permaculture