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Permaculture Design-Build Collaborative!


Permaculture Design-Build Collaboarative LLC

A Path Toward Harmony and Health

At this time in history the delicate balance of Nature and Her systems are threatened, i.e. water, soil, air, forests and human habitat. We desperately need to promote care and understanding for the earth and all her creatures. Implementing the proper eco-skills does make a difference and will help restore health to our environment. By developing “local and regional agriculturally productive ecosystems” (Bill Mollison), and by utilizing appropriate technologies that sustain, rather than hinder and destroy the balance of nature, we step on a path toward harmony and health.

As designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, educators and business professionals, dedicated to the ethics, methodologies and principles of the Permaculture whole systems approach to land planning and implementation, we have come together to work as a team with this vision in the forefront: care of earth, care of people, ethical surplus distribution, building an ecological support base. Ethics and values grow naturally out of these practices. Care and love of the environment are at the core of our work.

We seek to create positive and ethical lifestyle change, develop ecological and environmental harmony, stability for future generations, and teach appropriate technologies that sustain rather than harm; to immerse ourselves in the landscape and exhaust all possibilities of an understanding of place. There is great benefit when intellectual knowledge is translated into personal experience, and right and appropriate action. Ultimately, we can achieve balance and health by synthesizing applied biology, eco-technology and integrative architecture: the merging of renewable energies and biological-earth systems.