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Nashville Permaculture Design Course PDC 2012 1

The Nashville Permaculture Design Course 2012

Dates have changed

June 1,2,3/9,10/16,17/22,23,24


Course Description

Permaculture is a design system for ecological living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, and communities.  It offers a new paradigm for creating sustainable, productive, and beautiful human environments using natural ecosystems as models.

Through experience and participation in classroom and on-location learning, we will explore the relationships between personal, social, and ecological sustainability in the rich context of community learning.  Unique to this Permaculture Design Course is the emphasis on Nature Awareness through the use of the core routines.

Upon course completion, graduates will receive a Permaculture Design Course certificate.  Please contact us directly if you are receiving college credit for this course.

Course Goals and Objectives:

Participants gain the information, skills, and mindset needed to design human settlements using ecological design principles.
1.    Participants grasp and use essential permaculture information, including:

    • basic landscape components and fundamental ecological design principles
    • key ecological design strategies for home-scale systems
    • design methods, techniques, patterns, and processes
    • most importantly, ecosystem integration, that is the relationships between elements, not the elements themselves.

2.    Participants demonstrate skill development in the following arenas:

    • design skills: base mapping, site analysis and assessment, site design
    • key/emblematic hands-on skills for installing permaculture systems
    • community interaction and participation skills
    • ecological skills: observation, interpretation, identification, pattern recognition, systems understanding
    • nature awareness skills: Core Routines- sit spot, nature journaling, storytelling, thanksgiving

3.    Participants experience the ecological paradigm:

    • a sense of the natural world’s wholeness, and their place in it
    • a connection to their own innate design process
    • new insights into how their belief system affects their perceptions
    • a paradigm shift towards an ecological world-view
    • empowerment to create a sustainable habitat for themselves

This course provides the foundation for designing in harmony with nature.  Individuals will be able to apply these newly acquired skills to any project size.