PDC- Appalachian Style ← Spiral Ridge Permaculture

PDC- Appalachian Style

Yesterday participants slowly gathered here at Trout Lily Farm to experience a rustic retreat in Permaculture, Nature Awareness and Cultural Ecosystems in the heart of the Appalachian mountains near Max Patch.  At 3700 ft in elevation the cool days and cold wet mornings have been a delightful surprise, reminiscent of fall in Tennessee.  Actually, two days ago our PDC crew was sitting on the front porch at Spiral Ridge homestead sweating while still as a sloth.  We were happy to caravan over to these mystic mountains for our annual Permaculture Design Course.

Our evening ceremony involved eating a meal together and then having a fire ceremony to ground our intentions and bodies into this place and this course.  Today’s theme has been the ‘Seed of Permaculture’.  Permaculture ethics and principles, wholism, social norms and dynamics, clan groups, wild design, and of course a farm tour and spectacular locally sourced food.  Here are some pictures from our day for you to enjoy, ponder, and share.