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P.A. Yeoman’s “Challenge of the Landscape” quote

“N0 artist or artisan ever has such broad control of the medium through which he expresses his own character and personality as does the farmer or grazier in the control he can exercise over his land. The landman can create his own landscape, but the artist gives only his impression of it, and few pictures can rival those scenes that are found on a farm which has been cared for by one family for generations. Age constantly improves the cultivated landscape; lakes, hills, and the flowing streams all gain in beauty and usefulness under the mellowing hand of time. This beauty is forever changing as it is continuously being reflected in the life of the streams, the ponds and the soil, as well as in grasses, crops and trees. There is nothing still or dead in this scene in which the farmer lives and continues to live with the other life that is the moving enterprise of his farm. Everything that has life in this scene draws its life from the sun and water and from the soil and air. The scene is composed of these things and developed by time.”