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Nitrogen Fixers at Spiral Ridge


Grounding out after a week of travel, teaching and consulting in the midwest, I took a late morning walk (slept in) around the homestead.  As I walked I noticed that we are experiencing a mini drought.  Pig paddocks are less green, vernal ponds are dried up, ground covers are withering, and leaves on trees are turning a touch of yellow.  With temperatures and humidity low and sun strong, the plants are providing great feedback to the complexities of climate change.  As I walked I noticed the resilience of the many different nitrogen fixing plants we are experimenting with here at Spiral Ridge, I am so happy that early on we concentrated our efforts to collect many different varieties of nfx’ers.  From ground covers to midwest prairie plants, shrubs to trees, they are all performing well.  Some still establishing, others nursing plant guilds and polycultures whose dynamic brilliance provide food, fodder, shelter, fiber, and many other ecological services.  If you are interested in creating dynamic agroecosystems start planting a variety of nitrogen fixers.

Enjoy a preview of these leaders in our AgroEcosystems.

Illinois Bundleflower, Amorpha Californica, Red Clover, Mimosa, Dutch White Clover, Black Locust, Silver Buffaloberry, Lespedeza (Bush Clover), Honey Locust, Russian Olive, Autumn Olive, Amorpha Fruiticosa, Goumi, Lead Plant, Scotch Broom, Siberian Pea Shrub