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New baby, New trees!

Life is indeed abundant.  Grace is ever so real.  Love is in the life you live.  Thursday, Jenny delivered a new baby girl and I ordered some new trees and shrubs for the edible forest farm we call Spiral Ridge.   We have a new baby girl named Amaya Bless   This fall we will be planting paw paws, azarole hawthorns, juneberries, persimmons, and hazelnuts that will eventually feed this new born child.  This to me is much more than sustainability, it is a living dharma.  The land that we pay to care for is a chance to live our dharma and to serve humanity by creating an abundant ecosystem that regenerates a once raped landscape, heals western civilizations wounds, nourishes people and teaches a new way of living on earth.   Fear is in no way a part of this equation.  We take the challenge with honor.