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Internship: Applied Permaculture Practitioner Training

2015 Applied Permaculture Practitioner Training

Digging SwalesWe are excited to offer a personalized hands on learning opportunity for those interested in permaculture and homesteading.

Are you ready for an applied project based learning on an off-grid homestead/small farm? From design to earthworks, soil building to animal husbandry, surveying to construction, this is the practical on the ground training you need to start a project, manage an operation, own a farm/homestead or be a designer.  Empower yourself to be the change you want to see in the world.  Re-skill, gain integrity, increase self-reliance, and learn the power of resiliency.  Learn how to think critically, ecologically and holistically. Join a village of serious permaculture practitioners working to create a regenerative culture.

For three months you will be immersed in applied Permaculture Practitioner Training at Spiral Ridge Permaculture Homestead where you will experience what it is like to live by the ethics and principles of permaculture on a day to day basis.  Design is fundamental to an efficient, productive system, and we will take you through the design process to the planning, implementation and maintenance of such systems, including how to employ holistic decision making processes.  If you want to accelerate your learning and move from theory to the nitty gritty of practical application, gain skills, experience life off-grid, connect to nature, regenerate land & culture and become a farmer/gardener, this opportunity is for you.  go to


*Graphic Designer or Videographer

Spiral Ridge Permaculture has one spot available during each internship for a videographer or a graphic designer to join our on site team of interns, designers, business and homesteads. If you have these skills and want to live and work on an early succession permaculture homestead then let us know.  Please fill out the application for the internship making note of your intention, skills and a portfolio of your work.