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Homestead Friends

We are so blessed to have friends who stop in and help us out here at Spiral Ridge Permaculture Homestead.  We had a great time doing some much needed maintenance on our edible forest garden.  Zach and Eric, market gardeners from Austin, TX stopped in on their way home to help out and see what was happening out here.  Jacob (J-Bird) and Alex are here for a while hanging out getting to know the area, enjoying the biodiversity, helping out on the homestead, and just enjoying the beauty of Tn.  We are so grateful to have them here supporting us and building community too.

Besides making our Forest Garden more beautiful than ever we are also in the midst of moving our pigs in to new growth.  Jacob and I have been clearing the perimeter of the field for the fencing, made an awesome movable pig ship,  bought dutch white clover/mustard mix to sow where the pigs have cleared, making some Regenerative Teas to apply to the cleared site, the pigs and the new area, and hmm what else. BLACK SOLDIER FLY composter.  I finished our first BSF compost barrel.

Enjoy the pictures!

Enter Here

Medicinal Herbs

Making new beds

The Farmer’s Friends

Jacob and I framing the Pig Ship

The “RIBS” of the Pig Ship

The Pig Ship is ready to float!

Black Soldier Fly Composter