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Permaculture Garden Design & Soil Fertility

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Date(s) - Apr/Sat/2015 - Apr/Sun/2015


Spiral Ridge Permaculture


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Permaculture Garden Design & Soil Fertility

Permaculture Garden Design & Soil Fertility

April 18-19, 2015

Permaculture aims to provide for our human needs while protecting and regenerating the planet and it’s inhabitants.   It mimics nature’s patterns to ensure efficiency, productivity, conservation and regeneration.   Applying the ethics and principles, through smart design and utilization of these patterns, creates abundance, fertility and more self-reliance.  Join us for a two day course, where we will dive into the world of permaculture gardening and soil fertility, giving you the tools and skills necessary to start or improve your own backyard or community garden.

Permaculture Garden Design- The first day will help you get your gardening off to a good start.  Before we put a shovel in the ground, we need to use design to choose the best practices for a particular site.

Farm School permaculture mandala gardens

You will be able to:

Identify the difference between Conventional Gardening/Farming, Organic Gardening and Permaculture Gardening

Understand permaculture principles as they relate to gardening

Find the best location for the garden.  What considerations need to be made?

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of tilling vs. no tilling

Discover what type, size and shape beds to build and how to orient them

Explore crop rotations, planting schedules, cover crops and polycultures

Maximize production in a small space

Master the basics of seed starting

Utilize techniques to extend your season

See Synergistic Gardening techniques in use

Utilize animals in the garden

Identify and create microclimates within garden

Identify possible problems and how to mitigate them

Share and receive southern gardening tips

Soil Fertility – The second day will cover fertility techniques.  Building soil is our number one priority when planning a garden.Soil Fertility at Spiral Ridge Permaculture

You will learn:


Soil Testing

The three elements that must be present in your soil for it to function well

How to make good compost and compost tea

How to activate and care for the soil food web

What is remineralization?

Cover Cropping for fertility

Using plants to enhance fertility

Mulching materials

How to prevent fertility leaching

How to make worm compost, castings and tea


We recommend you take Introduction to Permaculture on April 11-12, to have a better understanding of permaculture design ethics and principles.  Alternatively, some general reading on permaculture is recommended.

Course Details

Instructors:  Jennifer Albanese and Cliff Davis of Spiral Ridge Permaculture, educational company and co-owners of New Agrarian Design, a permaculture and regenerative farm design firm.  More bio details here.  Cliff’s full resume.

Time:  9-4 each day with a break for lunch.  We suggest you bring a brown bag lunch or go to a nearby restaurant.

Cost:  $150


This course is part of our Spring Resiliency Series.  The more classes you take, the more you save.  For details and to sign up for a multiple class discount, please go to the Spring Resiliency Series registration page.   For descriptions of each class in the series, click the name of the class below.

This Series Includes:

Introduction to Permaculture – April 11-12 $150
Permaculture Garden Design and Fertility Farming  – April 18-19 $150
Rainwater Harvesting – April 25-26 $150
 Forest Gardening Demystified– May 16-17 $150


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Spiral Ridge Permaculture

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We must receive and be able to cash your check before you can attend the course.  No walk-ins.


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