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Edible Forest Garden Practicum 2012 2


Through thoughtful design, an edible forest garden can provide food,                             fodder, fuel, fiber, farmaceuticals, fertility, and fun for your family                               and surrounding community for generations to come. The EdibleForest Garden Practicum focuses on preparing a site, installing a forest garden, and maintaining an edible ecosystem.

This course teaches proper tree planting techniques, basic plant propagation, pruning, soil building, earthworks, polyculture design, fertility and nutrient management, plant selection, site layout, and basic forest garden design.

The practicum educates through actively installing a school yard edible forest garden at The Farm School.  You’ll also gain experience working with children in gardens and a general overview of funding for nonprofits.  An early succession edible forest garden will be visited.

The price of $600 includes camping, meals, and instruction.  For more information, contact Jessie at TheNectaryProject@gmail.com.  The practicum staff includes Cliff Davis, Wade Austin, Jessie Smith, and guests.

dates: October 16-21
location of the forest garden: The Farm School, Summertown, TN