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Edible Forest Garden Installation 2

Today was a great day to plant our first installation of our homestead edible forest garden.  The weather was rainy, and the temperature was in the 60’s.  The timeline of our homestead edible forest garden starts two and half years ago.  The site had a lot of debris from the December 2007 clear cut.  After clearing the site in summer of 2008 we moved a school bus onto the site for storage.  In 2009 we built a workshed to house our tools and for storage.  The bus was moved, BYE BYE and we started to design for water.  This ridge is very dry and without water we would be struggling to grow anything.  So we hand dug two ponds with swales connecting them. Over the course of a year we observed the feedback and introduced our “chicken ship” to the area to build more fertility.  Then in september  2011 we had our first annual edible forest garden design course with Dave Jacke.  In october 2011 we built the pathways through the garden.  Today we planted over 60 species of plants and we plan to double that amount in the next year.  WE are very excited to have intensively designed this piece of our land and to have gotten the planting underway.  Some themes in the garden are: Berry Alley, Compost Polyculture, Oriental Pear Polyculture, Oriental Persimmon Polyculture, Japanese Plum Polyculture, Tea Garden, Red Azarole Hawthorn Polyculture, Mimosa Coppice w/Schisandra vine, Perennial Veggies and more.  Enjoy the pics!

Base Map

Detailed Design


Kiran planting ground covers

Many friends to help

Down the path we go!