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DIY Regenerative Earthworks

I have been studying earthworks for several years now and I am always amazed at how much information there is to learn.  Recently I started to learn an entire different aspect of earthworks: DIY Earthworks with small machinery.  The learning curve takes a little while but as you get the hang of it one can really get a lot done.  I am currently learning how to use a skid steer and a mini excavator.  Working with several operators in the past with big machinery was difficult and expensive for small scale applications.

I am learning how to build swales and small ponds with rented machinery.  I also started to excavate our house site.  Another project I worked on was fixing our lower pond dam wall which failed in a 7 inch rain storm.  After fixing the dam wall blow out and building level sill spillways I was able to sit back in amazement at my accomplishments.  Next to do is to seed the areas of disturbance, mulch,  apply compost teas, and wait for feedback.  I will be renting more equipment to build swales and dig small ponds for our Regenerative Earthworks course november 8-12 2012.  I look forward to learning more and teaching our results as a part of  our annual advanced permaculture course in Regenerative Earthworks.  Please come and learn how you can build resilience on your small garden farm.  The principles, techniques and strategies of regenerative earthworks can be applied to any small scale farming system whether urban, suburban or rural.