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Coppice Craft at Spiral Ridge Homestead

Coppice Craft is not a new thing.  It has been around for centuries amongst people connected to the land and the especially the woodlands.  Over the past few months we have been coppicing several species of trees and allowing them to dry for later use.  We have finally gotten a product out of our black locust coppice poles.  Dan Callarman of Sacred Earth Builders helped us create a rustic all natural bar and railing for our deck on our cabin.

We used local milled white oak for the bar top and kick.  Eastern red cedar for the posts and black locust coppice for the pickets.  We are so pleased with this look.

In the future we plan to use coppice for our house and for fencing around our forest garden.  And of course garden gates, tool handles etc..

Making Pickets on the shave horsepickets

Some CoppiceThe rustic bar