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Cliff Davis Resume

Cliff Davis - Spiral RidgeMission

To manifest cultural repair by maintaining a connection to nature and nurturing that connection in others as well as establishing healthy relationships in community.

To  design functional ecosystems for farmers, homesteaders, communities and other land holders or groups, that are modeled after nature, conserve resources, increase productivity, regenerate land, and lead to increased resilience

To develop and share tools that empower people to be creative and solution oriented.

To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological built environments.

To offer the most innovative courses, by practice based instructors, to accelerate the global adoption of environmentally sound, healthy and productive systems.


  • Permaculture: Design, Instruction,Consultation, and Implementation
  • Edible Forest Gardens: Design, Instruction, Consultation, Implementation
  • Natural Building: Site Analysis, Design, Materials, Instruction, Implementation
  • Regenerative Earthworks: Design, Layout, Instruction, Implementation
  • Edible landscaping: Design, Consultation, and Installation
  • Agroforestry: Design, Consultation, Installation
  • Restoration Agriculture: Design, Instruction,Implementation
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Design, Instruction, Implementation
  • Keyline Design Design, Consultation, Subsoiling
  • Soil Fertility Thermophilic Compost/Teas, Re-mineralization, Soil Food Web
  • Bamboo Agroforestry Species selection, design, Implementation, instruction
  • Integrated Greenhouse Design, Layout, Planning
  • Mycological Services Design, Consultation, Remediation, Instruction
  • Irrigation Systems Drip irrigation, Swales, Fertigation
  • Holistic Management Consulting, Support
  • Organic Farming Design and Implementatioin
  • Curriculum Development
  • Deep Nature Connection and 8 Shields Mentoring

Courses Taught (over 55 classes, workshops & courses taught since 2004)
Spiral Ridge Permaculture, LLC
Agro-Ecosystems Course

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.  Included:

5th Annual Earthworks Course

Fertility Farming Course

Agroforestry Course

Permaculture Design Course

Lead Instructor and curriculum developer.

Trees: Proper Pruning, Planting & Grafting

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Agro-Ecosystems Series

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.  Included:

4th Annual Earthworks Course

Fertility Farming Course

Agroforestry Course


Permaculture Design Course

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

9 Day Natural Building Intensive

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.  Included a 4 day cob workshop and an earthen oven workshop.

Permaculture Design Course

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

The Spring Resiliency Series

Lead Instructor and curriculum developer:  Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Garden Design & Soil Fertility, Edible Forest Gardens Demystified and Rainwater Harvesting.


Weekend Format Permaculture Design Course

Lead Instructor and curriculum developer.

Agro-Ecosystems: A Permaculture Practicum

A course integrating our 3rd annual earthworks course with agroforestry, edible forest gardens, nursery management, soil building and animal systems. Part of our Permaculture Practitioner Training. Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

14 day residential course held at Trout Lily Farm in western North Carolina, with a focus on small farms, homesteads and deep nature connection. Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Introduction to Permaculture

Weekend course introducing Permaculture ethics and principles, held at Little House Nashville. Lead instructor.

Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Annual weekend format PDC. Lead Instructor and curriculum developer.

Food Forest Design Course

Lead Instructor and curriculum developer. Lecture, design and installation of food forest during course.

Regenerative Earthworks

Advanced Permaculture Course, lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Farm & Homestead Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Lead instructor and curriculum development.

Small Farm Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Backyard Mushroom Growing

Lead instructor

Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Lead instructor and curriculum developer.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Trevecca University, Lead Instructor

Regenerative Earthworks

Advanced permaculture course, curriculum developer and lead instructor.

Edible Forest Garden Design Practicum

Lead Instructor

Permaculture Design Course

Full 14 Day Permaculture Design Course put on by the Kula Collective hosted at Seven Springs Yoga Retreat Center.  Co-taught with Jennifer Albanese and Ryan Rising of the Permaculture Action Network.

Designing Educational Ecosystems

Permaculture teacher training instructor with Dave Jacke for this 9 day advanced permaculture course.

Edible Forest Garden Design Course

Co-instructor with Dave Jacke

Natural Building Course – Straw Clay Slip

Lead instructor for straw-clay slip cabin construction.

Cordwood and Thatching Natural Building Course

Instructor with Wayne Weiseman of The Permaculture Project, Richard Flatau of Cordwood Construction Resources, and Deanne Bednar of Straw Bale Studio

Natural Building Course

Co-taught a natural building course at Koinonia Community with Wayne Weiseman of The Permaculture Project.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture, LLC
Backyard Mushroom Farming

Lead instructor with Frank Michael of Mushroom People.

Backyard Permaculture Series of Workshops

North Alabama Permaculture Institute
Lead Instructor for 8 part mini series introducing
* Permaculture * Ecological Gardening & Soil Food Web * Water in the Landscape * Edible Forest Gardens * 4 Season Gardening * Backyard Mushroom Farming * Animals in the Landscape * Aquaculture

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Nashville, TN course
Lead instructor with Kevin Guenther and Matthew English and guests

Permaculture Family Weekend

Lead Instructor at The Farm School weekend workshop.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Lead instructor with Matt English, Adam Turtle, Greg Landua, Albert Bates and Jennifer English in Hohenwald, TN

Advanced Permaculture Course

Earthworks for Water Catchment, Erosion Control & Clear Cut Remediation & Forest Gardening & Orchard Remediation

Co-taught with Matthew English, Greg Landua and Rick Valley

Natural Building Course

Lead Instructor Various natural building techniques taught.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Student teacher

Natural Building Course
Ecovillage Design Course

Student teacher with Greg Ramsey, Albert Bates, Goodheart Brown, Diana Leaf Christian, Matthew English

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

One of the main instructors co-teaching with Matthew and Jennifer English, Andrew Goodheart Brown, Albert Bates, Valerie Sietz and Scott Horton.

Introduction To Permaculture

Lead instructor for Introduction Course held on our Florida homestead.  I began teaching permaculture immediately after receiving my design certificate in 2004, after three years of practicing and self-study and short courses on permaculture.

Courses Taken (attended over 25 professional development classes)
Farming Workshops

2 days of educational workshops including presentations by Joel Salatin

Integrated Farm Planning Course

10 day course led by Darren Doherty, organized by Spiral Ridge Permaculture.

Smith Lake Wilderness Skills Weekend

Basic primitive and wilderness survival skills with James Gibson and Darryl Patton.

Conference Attendee

Attended various farming workshops and presentations at the conference.

Regrarians Earthworks Course

5 day pond building workshop with Darren Doherty

Mushrooms, Molds, and Mycorrhizae Workshop

Cultivation, Gardening, Mycoremediation, Medicinal Use and Permaculture of Fungi with Tradd Cotter.  Hosted by Spiral Ridge Permaculture in 2015 & 2016

Art of Mentoring

Additional training in deep nature connection, storytelling, primitive skills, curriculum development, mentorship training in the 8 shields model.

Holistic Management Course

3 day Holistic Management course with Owen Hablutzel, hosted by Spiral Ridge Permaculture.

Keyline Design Course

3 day course with Owen Hablutzel, including Keyline Plow demonstration with Spiral Ridge’s Keyline plow, hosted by Spiral Ridge Permaculture.

Art of Mentoring

Deep nature connection, primitive skills and mentorship training in the 8 shields model.

Regrarian Open Consultancy

Organized, participated in, and donated use of my keyline plow during, this course with Darren Doherty.

Teaching Permaculture Creatively

Teacher training course taught by Dave Jacke.

Edible Forest Garden Intensive

9 day forest garden course hosted by our business, Spiral Ridge Permaculture.

Assistant Builder to Sun Ray Kelley

Further explored natural building techniques and the style of Sun Ray Kelley, a professional natural builder, whose style combines organic architecture, cob, and round pole timber frame.

Mushroom Workshop

Instructor:  Frank Michaels of Mushroom people.

Natural Building Course

Natural Building hands-on course using straw bale, round pole timber frame, earthbag, cob, adobe brick, straw/clay slip, plasters, living roofs and more.  Instructors:  Howard and Katey Sweitzer of Ecoville Architects, Matthew English, and Albert Bates.

Ecovillage/Permaculture Apprenticeship & Ecovillage Design Certificate

Completed apprenticeship and received an Ecovillage Design Certificate from instructors: Albert Bates, Diana Leaf Christian, Andrew Goodheart Brown, & Greg Ramsey of Village Habitat

Cob Courses

Three cob courses covering an introduction to cob building, foundations, walls, Rumford stoves, earthen ovens, plasters.

Interviews, Presentations, Public Speaking Events, Lectures and Media Appearances

Gave a talk, titled, Permaculture Farming: A Perennial Agriculture


Focus on Permaculture design and edible forest gardens at nursery in Alabama.


Interviewed for two articles: “How to drought proof your land” in 2015 and “How to build a pond or lake on your property” in 2016


Interviewed for an article on Permaculture pig farming for Acres magazine, April 2015


2 Part podcast featuring 8 of the leading permaculture design course instructors, including Cliff Davis, on “What is a PDC?”

Workshop Presentation

1/2 day workshop presentation titled, “Permaculture Principles for Farm and Garden” at the 2014 Mississippi Food Summit & Agricultural Revival.

Guest Instructor/Consultant

Rural Studio is an undergraduate program of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at Auburn University.  They are developing  a Rural Studio Farm and Greenhouse project for which I give guest lectures on permaculture and review student’s project proposals.


Permaculture Homesteading – Enjoying Life being a Realist, not an Idealist


Gave a lecture on Permaculture and how we can regenerate land, facilitate healing and grow in community and resilience by way of design.


Featured in the summer 2013 issue of Local Table, A Guide To Food and Farming in Middle Tennessee


Presented a piece on permaculture in schools for an audience of educators implementing or starting school gardens.

Conscious Nashville Podcast

Interview on the importance of permaculture design in healing land, self and communities.

Webinar Presenter

Presented a webinar on natrual building, organized by George Mason Sustainability Initiative


Episode 131, interview for podcast.  Topics discussed include our farm and how we are using permaculture to restore degraded land, challenges faced by those wanting to implement permaculture and more.


C-Realm interviews Dave Jacke and I, together in episode 278.


An interview with KMO on ETC voices, precursor to the C-Realm.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture, LLC

Permaculture and regenerative farming educator and curriculum developer.


Joined Wayne Weiseman’s design team to collaborate on various projects in the southeast United States.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture, LLC

Professional design firm specializing in regenerative farming, permaculture, holistic management and keyline design for farms, homesteads, ecovillages, communities, schools, and retreat centers.

Spiral Ridge Farm

Homestead farm specializing in organic plant starts and useful plant nursery.  Also a distributor for organic farm and garden supplies.  Pastured pig operation is also being initiated.

Freelance Natural Builder
Arborist and Landscaper

Owner of Treecology, offering tree care and landscaping services, specializing in native and edible plants.

Tropical Permaculture Apprentice and Volunteer Coordinator

Learned tropical permaculture design and farming techniques, fruit production, nursery maintenance , off-grid, low energy living, milpa management

Organic Farm Intern

Interned at a organic cut flower, vegetable and blueberry farm.  Farming style was influenced by Fukuoka.

Creative Imports
Accounts Manager
Organic Farming Apprentice

Apprentice organic farmer at the oldest US intentional community.  Learned crop rotation, soil building, compost making, etc.