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Maya Mountain PDC

Well here we are at the Maya Mountain Research Farm in San Pedro Columbia, Belize.  Our trip began with a canoe ride up river to the site of the 7th annual permaculture design course at MMRF in the heart of the Mayan jungle. We are on our second day of our PDC.  We are learning ...

Permaculture is the Answer!

We are faced with so many problems in today’s world.  Permaculture Design has not only the answers to our global crisis but tried and true evidence of solutions.  Here is a video that we all need to view and consider .  Deeply consider!  

Backyard Permaculture: 4 Season Gardening

We gathered saturday to welcome the new growing season, build an affordable cold frame, and chat with new and old friends.  Our daily schedule was shifted due to bad weather.  So we decided to build the cold frame first thing.  We were determined to finish building the cold frame, place it in the landscape, fill ...

Backyard Permaculture Series 2012

Spiral Ridge Permaculture developed the Backyard Permaculture Series to introduce participants to the concepts and techniques of Permaculture Design and to teach them the skills needed for backyard self-reliance.  Here is an invitation to our next mini course.  An invitation!  On February 4th 2012, Cliff Davis will be teaching a class on 4 Season Gardening: ...

On Farm Soil Building 1

The greatest asset we have is right under our feet.  Well,  it used to be.  Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens was clear cut in December of 2007.  The gardens sit on a rocky finger ridge with very little topsoil because it has washed down the hill into the creek and ultimately to the Mississippi.  As I ...

Regenerative Earthworks: The first step in Regenerative Farming Systems 3

As I walked down our landscape the other day I realized that at this point in the regeneration of our land we are farming soil and water.  According to Sepp Holzer 70% of our agriculture is completed when we have our water systems designed and developed.  Why is that?  Well, if we consider what we ...

Maya PDC & Adv. Permaculture Course in Belize

One Million Gardens can change the world

Watch this video and wee how you can make great change for Seven Generations.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB-vOFyIB28

Walipini Underground Greenhouses


To fight climate change, we need to understand humanity