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Spiral Ridge Got Bees Today!

Finally we got bees into our Top Bar Hive today.  Dan Callarman of Sacred Earth Builders and I got our bees today.  I was the first to brave the world of installing the bees.  The bees are in Zone 3 of our permaculture farm under the Black Locust coppice.  They sit facing south- south east ...

Spring! Fruits, Flowers, Berries and Love

South Eden Plantation Permaculture Design

The Permaculture Design-Build Collaborative members Dan Halsey of Southwoods Forest Gardens, Wayne Weiseman of The Permaculture Project and myself finished a 37 acre permaculture design at South Eden Plantation.  See more at www.permacultureproject.com or www.permaculturedb.com Click the link below. South Eden Plantation4 (1)    

PIZZA NIGHT: The Farm School Cob Oven 2

A year ago we built a cob oven for the Farm School.  The roof is inspired by the work I did with Sun Ray Kelly.  Friday night we fired it up and had some artisan pizzas that were delicious.

The Freedom Rangers have arrived! 2

We ordered our Freedom Ranger meat bird over a month ago and they arrived the other day with much excitement from Amaya, our littlest one.  The Freedom Rangers are used across Europe as free range meat birds.  They gain weight quickly as the cornish cross but do not have the same health issues.  We are ...

Nashville, Huntsville, Hell the whole southeast what are you waiting for?

Food forest are starting to take off in cities world wide.  What about the sweet southeast?  Lets get a move on folks! Look at this.   http://www.takepart.com/article/2012/02/21/its-not-fairytale-seattle-build-nations-first-food-forest

Eight Shields Organizational Model

The courses that we hold all have an organizational structure that mimics natural systems. The success of the course depends upon agreements made within the organizational structure.  The ‘8 shields model ‘ developed by Jon Young and associates is one such model that we are using here at Spiral Ridge Permaculture. Eight Shields Organization Model ...

Spiral Ridge Permaculture: Conscious Nashville Podcast Interview

Hello everyone,  I was interviewed by Deborah Bishop of Conscious Nashville today.  What a pleasure.  Here is a link of our conversation and a link to Conscious Nashville Podcast. CN Interview with Cliff Davis http://debroar.audioacrobat.com/download/15082880-3454-8688-3453-11380394f4ff.mp3   Please let others know you are on Conscious Nashville.  http://www.consciousnashville.com

Regenerative Farming Systems

Here is a great article about regenerative farming systems that go Beyond Organic and Sustainable.   http://newfarm.rodaleinstitute.org/features/0802/regenerative.shtml

Spiral Ridge Permablitz

There is a lot happening with Spiral Ridge Permaculture in 2012.  Not only are we doing our best to implement best practices in regenerating our land, we are also facilitating a Nashville Permaculture Guild to be announced at the Nashville Permaculture Design Course at Trevecca University in June,  we are teaching and designing more,  and ...