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Edible Forest Garden Practicum 2012 2

  Through thoughtful design, an edible forest garden can provide food,                             fodder, fuel, fiber, farmaceuticals, fertility, and fun for your family                               and surrounding community for generations to come. The EdibleForest Garden Practicum focuses on preparing a site, installing a forest garden, and maintaining an edible ecosystem. This course teaches proper tree planting techniques, basic plant ...

Regenerative Earthworks 2012


A visit to Crazy Rooster Permaculture Farm

I visited Wayne Weiseman of the Permaculture Project at Crazy Rooster Farm during their annual Permaculture Design Course.    

Nashville Suburbs Permaculture Design 5

Spiral Ridge Permaculture was asked to design a suburban backyard permaculture site in Brentwood, TN. This quarter acre site integrates chickens, rabbits, annual raised beds, a butterfly garden, a beneficial flower border, rainwater collection, an herb spiral, a japanese pond garden, compost, extensive swale system, a bog garden and an edible forest garden filled with ...

Advanced Permaculture Course 2012: Regenerative Earthworks

        In this 5 day intensive, students will learn how to layout and implement a Regenerative Earthworks Design using transits, A-frames, bunyip levels, hand held transits, machinery and maps. Regenerative Earthworks is a wholistic approach to healing the land using human scale labor and machinery to build swales and ponds through out ...

Register Now! Nashville PDC 2012

Register now for the June PDC at Trevecca University in Nashville.  Pay 950 dollars if you sign up before May 25th.  Pay 1050 after May 25th.  Register and send in your deposit before the 25th and pay only 950$.

Spiral Ridge got Pigs! 2

After several days of clearing brush, setting up the movable electric fence and building a pig house, Spiral Ridge Permaculture Homestead got PIGS!  I went to Top of the World Farm  and got two beautiful pigs.  One is a male Mule Foot (Romeo) and the other a female Red Wattle (Juliet).  We will be breeding them ...

9 Day Natural Building Intensive Sept 7-16, 2012

9 Day Natural Building Intensive w/optional 3 day Introduction To Natural Building We are all part of the earth and the earth calls us to build our environment in a more natural way.  Come learn how to build multi-functional natural buildings from start to finish.  This 10 day experience will empower people to build small ...

Nashville PDC June 2012

Only 3 Weeks Left!  Register Now!  There is still room!    

Edible Forest Garden Design Intensive 2012 4

Spiral Ridge Permaculture will be hosting our second 9 day Edible Forest Garden Design Intensive with Dave Jacke and friends.  We will be designing Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens in this course.  We are offering a practicum at the end of the design intensive.  This course will build off of last years very successful course.  We ...