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Autumn on Spiral Ridge 1

Cool Breezes, No humidity So nice

This summer has been a hot one so we welcome the autumn.  This fall we have two projects that we are starting and finishing up on one.

The two projects that we are starting are the Hoop House and the Workshop Shed.  The Hoop House is 20 x 48 and will be very multi-functional.  A four foot wide path will go down the center that will be a worm farm.  The worm beds will have be dug 16 inches into the ground lined with 4 inch concrete block and have hinged plywood tops.  On each side of the worm farm will be keyhole gardens.   Other elements to the system will be an aquaponic system, a small pond with edge species like satsuma, lemongrass, vetiver, taro and other subtropical plants.

The second project that we are starting is the post and beam workshop shed.  This shed will be 12 x 20 with an upper loft.  The loft will be storage for our extra stuff.  The underneath will have all our tools and supplies.  This space will allow us to get rid of the schoolbus that we are reluctantly using for storage.  This will free up a key spot where we are planning to put small duck ponds, an outdoor shower/shitter and a small forest garden.  The workshop will also have a small lean to off the sides to store our firewood for the year.

We will provide pictures soon.

We are slowly finishing our studio at the top of the hill this fall and plan to have it complete by the summer of 2011.  Then we can start our house construction in the fall of 2011.

Look forward to us having workshops for these projects.

thank you