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As I wait….Wow piglets!!!

AS I walked outside to do my morning chores on this windy yet sunny day, I have no idea of what happened over night on our homestead.  My morning chores consist of feeding and watering the chickens, rabbits, ducks and pigs, collecting eggs for breakfast and emptying humanure buckets.  Today was just like all the other days…I thought.  As I was waiting for the buckets to fill with water for the pigs I sat on the dam wall above and observed the pigs interactions while they ate food scraps and some non gmo corn that I cleverly place in a thicket of briars and blackberries.  As I sat there I saw little piglets come out of the pig house.  at first glance I thought…no way.. so I did a double take and lo and behold 10 piglets were making their way out of the pig house.  This was a big surprise as we thought that they were due in March or April.  I ran quickly to the cabin that sits so peacefully on the top of the hill to tell the rest of the homesteaders.  I ran back with family following.  We were timid to enter the pig house because of mama pig but we each took turns peaking into the house to see the babies.  We were all very happy to see them and all there incredible markings.  Some red with black spots. Some just black.  Some black with polka dot spots.  One even has wattles.  The mother is a hertitage red wattle breed and the father a heritage black mule foot.  We only got two pictures and will add more as we get closer to our newest homestead members.


Hybrid Heritage Piglets