Appalachia PDC continued ← Spiral Ridge Permaculture

Appalachia PDC continued

Over the last 4 days of our PDC Permaculture Design Course in the appalachian mountains at Trout Lily Farm, we explored the ‘Leaves and Stem’ themes of our course.  The ‘Leaves’ section of the course covered Cultivated Systems, Schematic Design and Strategies.  The ‘Stem’ section of the course covered The Built Environment, Detailed Design, and Tools and Techniques.

As a bonus we took a field trip to an urban oasis in Asheville.  Goodheart Brown and his wife Chiwa have been designing and building this urban permaculture oasis for over twenty years.  With hundreds of species on such a small urban site it was proof positive that no site is too small to implement permaculture design.  Goodheart also taught us about Home Orchards and the importance of tree selection, site, disease, pests, and ecosystem creation.  It was such a pleasure to see Goodheart again, as he was one of the first teachers I apprentice taught under.  Check out his blog

The next 4 days we will have other special guest instructors who will integrate Agrarian Revolution and Deep Nature Connection to add to our educational ecosystem.

For now here are some pictures.