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AgroEcosystems: Creating homestead resilience

We are restoring a 9.25 acre clear cut hillside in the hills of middle Tn. We are primarily concentrating on various agroforestry systems. These systems include: Savanna Orchards, Fruit/Nut Hedges, Fuel Fences, Alley Cropping, Blk Locust/Poplar/Black Gum/White Oak Coppice, Woodland Mosaics, Bamboo Agroforestry, on contour raised beds and silvo pasturing. All of these systems are defined by a network of innovative reticulating waterways, pocket ponds and terraces. Our primary species used to create, restore and maintain these systems are hybrid homestead hogs (Kune Kune/AGH/Ossabaw), Meat chickens, ducks for fertigation and human scale labor.










So far… we are just now finding a ‘rhythm’ after 4.5 yrs. The development so far has been in a testing phase but now the system is starting to self organize and viable patterns are starting to form. There has been several earthworks and animal management mistakes that we have had to overcome. We are still adjusting timing, frequency and intensity of animal rotations. Pigs have played a key role in creating these systems. In the beginning I really thought that my theory of ‘use major disturbance to slow succession enough to create cultivated ecosystems =PIG’ was a major mistake. But it was not! Management was the key! Now we are successfully transitioning poor soil and pasture into diverse‪#‎agroecosystems‬. I can only imagine what the next 5 yrs will bring.













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