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Advanced Permaculture Course 2012: Regenerative Earthworks

Building ponds





In this 5 day intensive, students will learn how to layout and implement a Regenerative Earthworks Design using transits, A-frames, bunyip levels, hand held transits, machinery and maps.
Regenerative Earthworks is a wholistic approach to healing the land using human scale labor and machinery to build swales and ponds through out the landscape. Regenerative Earthworks includes the application of biologically active compost teas, planting of various bio-accumulating and nitrogen fixing plants, th…e remineralization of the soil using ammendments, the use of animals to enhance the biology of the soil, and mulching to conserve water and heal the exposed soil. According to Sepp Holzer 70% of our agriculture is completed when we have our water systems designed and developed. Without Regenerative Earthworks we have little chance at creating Regenerative Farming Systems.
Come learn how to drought proof your landscape, create a nutrient dense-biologically active soil, use animals to cycle nutrients back into the system, brew biologically active compost teas, use simple hand tools on small scale projects, and use small machinery to sculpt the earth.
This course is for landscapers, builders, construction contractors, homesteaders, permaculture designers, farmers, gardeners, architects,Instructors:
Cliff Davis-Lead Instructor
Jennifer Albanese
Jessie Smith
November 8-12
Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens
Summertown, Tn
$600-$800 sliding scale – $50 off first 5 students
Fees include hands on instruction, camping, meals, and fun (extra for dorms & private rooms)