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Advanced Permaculture Apprenticeship

The Ecovillage Training Center has been an integral part of the development of permaculture, natural building, ecovillage design, solar design, and other ecological systems. Albert Bates started the center in 1994 with the intention to provide a training site that was affordable and hands on.  16 years later it is still alive and vibrant.

Recently we started to design an advanced permaculture apprenticeship program that would have hands on training as well as certificate course in specialized areas of: Permaculture, Natural Building, Edible Forest Gardens and Eco-Forestry.  This program will also provide a framework for the Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design with mentors in each area of specialization.

Hands on training will be the main objective of the 2 month apprenticeships as well as specialized design work in Permaculture, Natural Building, Edible Forest Gardens, and Eco-Forestry.  These certificates will be part of each persons learning pathway to the permaculture diploma.

Please write us at apprentice (at) or call us at 931-964-4474

Here are some pictures for your delight.

Our Manadala Gardens

Bamboo Chicken Tractor

Cob Chicken Coop (Ianto Evans Style)

Shiitake Mushroom Farm