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A simple greywater system 3

Greywater is really a grey area in most settlements.  Simply put it is the water that has no fecal matter in it.  Typically the washer and the kitchen sink are common sources of greywater.  Here on Spiral Ridge we use our greywater to water out tomatoes and this fall we will be planting paw paws to uptake the excess nutrient flow.  There all kinds of great greywater systems out there.  Here is one that we designed to be easy and cheap to install.  Matthew English of Solar Springs Permaculture Farm modified some designs that I had and this what we came up with.  The dishwater flows into a buried rubbermaid container filled with sawdust and biochar.  Microbes predigest large particles and from there the water flows into a 4 inch corrugated drain tile that has small holes its entire length.  This pipe sits in a trench filled with sawdust and wood chips.  The water fills the pipe and then slowly drains into the trench feeding tomatoes, cucumbers and soon a paw paw grove.  That is it. Simple, easy, cheap and effective.  Here are some pictures of the whole system during installation.  Enjoy!Down and Dirty Greywater