9 Day Natural Building Intensive Sept 7-16, 2012 ← Spiral Ridge Permaculture

9 Day Natural Building Intensive Sept 7-16, 2012

9 Day Natural Building Intensive

w/optional 3 day Introduction To Natural Building

We are all part of the earth and the earth calls us to build our environment in a more natural way.  Come learn how

to build multi-functional natural buildings from start to finish.  This 10 day experience will empower people to

build small multi-functional buildings made out of natural materials in any location.  We will be building a hybrid

Chicken Coop/Greenhouse/Garden Shed that will be the envy of chicks (plants too) all over the world.  We will be

using recycled lumber, stone, cob, and straw clay slip to manifest this Chicken Temple.  So… Come get dirty, camp

and recreate an earth for seven generations to come.


Cliff Davis of Spiral Ridge Permaculture

Dan Callarman of Sacred Earth Builders.


September 7th-16th 2012


Whites Creek, Tennessee


$850 Us Dollars

covers food, camping, course materials , skills and Great fun!!!

To register go to www.spiralridgepermaculture.com