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The adventures of a regenerative pig farmer

For the last couple of years I have donated a Party Pig to an annual fish fry and brew festival just outside of Nashville, Tn. This year I supplied the event with a 6 month old 50 LB American Guinea Hog. Smoked slowly for 8 hours, misted with a special sauce and rubbed with a hand ground spice mix, this pig was destined for the record book of slow food gourmet. If there is an Ark of Taste then this was the almighty covenant.  Read more HERE!
At these events you never know who might show up. It just so happened that a Charcuterie chef was there and lo and behold he was breaking down the hog. I introduced myself and proceeded to tell him about how I raise these hogs and how I am recreating a food forest that will house and feed these southern landrace hogs.
He was shocked to hear this and even more shocked as we started to eat from the multiple delicacies hidden between bones and marbled nutty buttery fat. I was so impressed when he said that he has butchered hundreds of heritage hogs but never tasted anything like this young AGH. My heart soared and I knew then my pig adventures were ready to ascend to the peak of pig gourmet excellence.
I look forward to reporting more on my Permaculture Pig adventures as we recreate and reinvent what it is to “Farm” the forest as an ecosystem.

Young herd moving thru the landscape

Young herd moving thru the landscape









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