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“I’ve just been enjoying this course, the community and all of your insights and knowledge from your vast experience.” – PDC Student

“Cliff is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic permaculture teacher who brings his wealth of hands-on experience and true life anecdotes to the PDC and leads the course with warmth and humor.” – Jessie Fleisher

“I loved this course and enjoyed spending time with so many people who’s experience and interests overlap in the arena of permaculture.  I learned a lot from each of the instructors and from other folks in the class.” – PDC Student

“I have learned from and enjoyed everyone and every experience I’ve had throughout the course of this month.  I am so grateful to have shared in each instructors knowledge, joy and especially compassion.” – Emily

“This life is hard, I fall down a lot, but people who have heads and hearts like yours lend me hope, faith and peace.”  Emily

“A wealth of information was given in ways that were interactive and easily absorbed.  Feedback was welcomed and patterns were stressed over details.  This empowers us when we leave to find our own permaculture niches in our respective communities.”  Kristen Larkin

“This course is not just about Permaculture – it’s about life – life lessons.  I will use it everywhere.”  Frank

“I love these people.  This course was very tasty in many ways.  The knowledge share of bioregions, community regeneration and plant/animal ecologies was priceless.  I have tools and pathways to not only feed my family and friends, I can grow blueberries!” Wade Archer

“What I enjoyed most about Spiral Ridge was I wasn’t sitting in a classroom learning things that I could find myself in a book.  I was putting my hands in it, and walking in it and eating it.”  – Matt, PDC, Regenerative Earthworks, and Food Forest participant

“I came to Tennessee to see what they were about after Dave Jacke recommended them to me last year. Being a firm believer that one can always gain new knowledge, and being a permaculture teacher and trainer myself in other countries, I wanted to see how other people who practice permaculture and other alternative methods teach and live. I was not disappointed.” – Lesley Byrne

“I really enjoyed the course.  It’s opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.  It was worth every penny.”  Amy Cline

“The Spiral Ridge PDC was as inspiring as is was educational.  The instructors collective knowledge and experience was very impressive.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about sustainability, food production, homesteading or design.”  Ben Bishop

“I really enjoyed this class!  You guys did an awesome job teaching.  Your flexibility, patience and willingness to meet our needs was incredible.  It made learning truly a joy.  The content was amazing.”  Sam Becze

“Spiral Ridge Permaculture’s PDC is an impactful and inspiring introduction to the core principals and practices of permaculture.” – April

“I took the course to give credibility to my passion for “permaculture” and as a step towards education and further direction in my career in horticulture.  I feel better prepared and qualified.  I enjoyed each instructor.”  – Debbie Anderson

“After meeting Cliff you realize that some people write books then retire and some people live their lives.  I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy his knowledge and company.  Jen is super good in her format of information teaching.  Cliff’s passion is easily understood in a learning format.  And there is never “ego” involved on this farm and it’s courses.  It really was an amazing two weeks and I love your family.”  – Matt F.

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!”  – Jason Hurd

“My goal was to design in any climate.  With the process, I feel I have a solid method on how to achieve a productive well balanced design.  I took a gamble coming here and it really paid off!” –  Frank Ravis

“Amazing learning and mind-blowing ideas, great people , and great southern hospitality.  Great food.” – PDC Student

“I like that the course (was) by people who are actually doing it, rather than being completely academic.  It’s clear that the instructors have spent significant time with the material, both in study and practice”  – Tandy Nicholson

“I wanted to learn about Permaculture to integrate ecological design into my career as a potential landscape architect.  This PDC course exceeded my expectations.” – Alicia Smith

“Each weekend I cam prepared with questions for Cliff.  Through ongoing dialog, workshops and classes, this course helped me paint a clearer picture of what is possible.  I plan to apply these design principles to our future land and create a sustainable homestead.” – Daniel Dessinger

“The teachers did an excellent job covering their subjects.  Cliff is an excellent teacher and wonderful mentor.  I really learned so much.  I found the teaching styles of each (instructor) to be very effective, incorporating “real world” practice into lecture allowed us hands-on integration of taught material”  – Minda Brackman


“I was overwhelmed and delighted with the entire experience.  …a true inspiration for the future of the planet, our Mother.  Good for the soul.  My hope is renewed by the integrity of the group that present this program.  The commitment of all these instructors to sharing this knowledge is readily evident and honest.  Extraordinary people all.”  – Dutch Brackman

“The course has been a great mix of information, hands-on skills and design.  I can design!  This was a big confidence builder for me.” – Joel Hughes

“For anyone thinking about going to a course at Spiral Ridge, DO IT! I just took my PDC there and it was by far the experience and education of a lifetime. Cliff, Jenn, and the rest of the crew are the salt of the earth and true practitioners of all angles of this craft. Trust me…. DO IT… you will not regret it…” – Matt Fleener

“Spiral Ridge is so inspirational! Thank you for all that you do,Cliff Davis, Jennifer Albanese, Jessie Smith and family. Feeling encouraged, renewed and energetic. So much love.” – Lindsay

“Thank you for the event today at Spiral Ridge. I met some great people and got some helpful information. Your homestead was inspiring. It’s good to meet people like me who are not satisfied with the broken system we’ve inherited.” – Pierre Boulogne

“Cliff thank you for two awesome workshops yesterday! I learned so much and I am inspired! I am heading out to my garden right now!” – Elle Preston

“Thanks so much to Cliff and everyone else at the mushroom growing class at The Farm this past weekend. I learned so much, enjoyed spending time with so many kindred spirits, and as always, meals at The Farm were delicious.” – Susan Horn

“Thanks for coming all the way to Mississippi this weekend for the Food Summit and Sustainable Living Conference – you were a huge hit…” – Daniel J. Doyle

“Got a question about agriculture? Ask Cliffapedia. ” – Daniel

“The Regenerative Earthworks course was epic! Thanks to the generosity of Cliff Davis and everyone else at Spiral Ridge, I feel very good about soil, geology, and the techniques used to generate food and encourage biodiversity.” – Chris Rada

“First let me say just how much I still appreciate the learning experience y’all gave me. I’m still glowing over a month later! Before I attended the course, I already knew permaculture was my passion. But your course inspired me and motivated me even more.” – Jason Hurd