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Sustainability Series

Do you want to learn how to grow an abundant landscape in your backyard?

Are you driven to grow your own food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizer, farmaceuticals, and fun?

 Hands on Nashville, The Skillery, and Spiral Ridge Permaculture have formed a triad of force to bring the greater Nashville area a hands on sustainability series.  Hands on Nashville’s Urban Farm is hosting this life changing series.  Come learn how to create a Ecological Oasis right in your backyard.  Please sign up for our next mini course here.

Our last class was so incredible.  We learned how to make bio-active compost.  Built a DIY compost tea brewer for less than 40 $.  Built an under the counter worm bin.  Learned how to build a sheet mulch bed.  We also went over the importance of remineralization.  It was so much fun.  You will not want to miss this next course.

The Tea bag is readyPreparing the Tea bagA sheet mulched raised bedMulching