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Spiral Ridge Permaculture: 2014 Featured Events


2014 2015 ReGenAgUSA Featured Events

2014 2015 ReGenAgUSA Featured Events


We are excited to bring world class education in Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture and beyond to the east coast USA.  In 2013 we brought Darren Doherty and his Regrarian “intro course”.  Darren will be back in 2015 to teach the Regrarian Design course with the Regrarian Handbook in hand.


In 2014 we are proud to be hosting courses that will provide participants with cutting edge education in Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture.

Owen Hablutzel will be coming in June to teach a 3 day Keyline Design training and a 3 day Holistic Management training.

In the fall we are offering a training by Craig Sponholtz in Applied Watershed Restoration.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture is dedicated to offering innovative

trainings in Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Design.


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