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Small Farm Permaculture Design Certification Course

Homestead PDC  Looking for a way to turn your land into a model permaculture farm?

  Do you want to learn from experienced permaculture practitioners?

  Can you imagine a world of abundance right out your backdoor?

  Then come learn from those who are living the dream!




Spiral Ridge Permaculture will be hosting a fantastic Permaculture Design Certification course this summer in Summertown, Tn.  The small  farm PDC explores how to effectively capture water to drought proof your farm, use animals to establish productive agro-ecosystems, build with recycled and natural materials, use micro climates to grow fringe crops, grow alternative crops for market, utilize natural succession as a model to mimic, farm bamboo, build soil fertility, use marginal land productively and become an ecological designer.  This course offers a balance of hands on skills, inspiring field trips, group discussions, information sharing, special guest instructors, and more.  Students will not just leave with a certificate they will leave inspired and empowered to make positive change designing and building abundant agro-ecosystems.

Registration is open.  Make your bookings today!  Price is for the course only.  Food is free of charge.