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Poly Pipe Chicken Tractor

Well…  We have built several Chicken Tractors now and the latest version has been inspired by all our past tractors, needs and tractors we have seen online.  Our newest version can be used for rabbits, weeder geese, meat chickens, and ducks.  This tractor was designed to move from one zone of use to another without the need to remove the flock.  The parts for this are all local and recycled.  We used 2 inch poly pipe that we gathered from a friends failed hydro system, local cedar, scrap fencing and a billboard sign.  SLA or stuff laying around is our usual way we try to build things around here.  This tractor is 50 square feet which will hold up to 25 birds.  We also have a homemade self watering system that uses a 15 gallon barrel, a hose bib and some drip emitters.  We feed our chickens a mix of Redmonds Salt, Sea Kelp, and grower crumbles.  Here is our newest prototype.  Feel free to use this design and send us an email if you have any questions.  Thanks