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Pigs found my Permaculture!

“In the building up of fertility, especially on the poor light-land farm, there is no animal more effective than the pig,” says F. Newman Turner in Fertility Farming

I have been researching pigs for days.  Researching how to raise forest fed pigs and designing a agroforestry  system with pigs as keystone guild species.   So far we are using our hogs to clear our early succession regrowth after clear cut.  We are also using them to help us seal our contoured earth dams.  Pigs convert food into nutrient dense meat better than any other large animal.  They reduce fuel load and create lush pasture that reduce fire risk.  Rocks are all uncovered and ready to pick up and reuse for terrace walls.  They love young vegetative tree regrowth.  What else….  They are great to hang out with too.

My in depth study of the pig ecosystem we are creating will morph into a soon to be ebook on “Pigs found my Permaculture”

Tree fodder! They love poplar, sumac, lambs quarters, black gum, comfrey, willow, water hyacinth, water lettuce, black locust, honey locust, and wormwood.