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Permaculture Hoophouse

Multi-Functions are when we have an element that serves more than one purpose. For instance, as we were designing our hoophouse we wanted the structure to serve these functions.

  • Year round food production
  • Annual soil block production for income and gardens
  • Perenial plant nursery
  • Worm bins under walk way
  • drip irrigation with gravity fed rainwater
  • wood fired heat
  • aquaponics for food and fertilizer
  • Vertical planting systems to utilize space
  • Chicken/Rabbit Tractors to do our weeding and fertilizing
  • Solar powered

Here are some picture of our permaculture hoophouse system.  We still have elements to add but we are on our way to reaching our goals.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.


Cedar for beds, White Oak for worm bins

Temporary scion and cuttings bed

Raised garden beds and sunken worm bin walk way

Raised garden beds and sunken worm bin walk wayGrafting apples and pears in the nursery section

Chicken Tractor weeding and fertilizing! Yipee
Chicken Tractor weeding and fertilizing! Yipee

Nutrient rich soil blocks with our new heirlooms

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