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Permaculture Design “stacking functions”

In Permaculture Design there is a term called stacking functions.  We stack functions by designing elements to serve many functions.  This can be in either space or time.  For instance,  we stack functions in our tree plantings here on Spiral Ridge by planting multiple layers within the forest garden architecture.

Stacking functions in time is more strategy than technique and one that take much effort to master.   We are working with this concept as we design our hoophouse and garden system that we just built.  This system will first accomplish food growing for our family and an annual heirloom starts business.  Over time, as we have built our house this space become a permaculture nursery business and our agricultural system will have moved to another area.

As you can see stacking functions in space and time help us to create and integrated and evolving system.  Have Fun!