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Permaculture Design Services

Spiral Ridge Permaculture LLC, offers consultations, design charrettes, master planning and project mentoring services in permaculture and ecological design.  We do installations & project management on case by case basis.

 We offer our services for the following….

  • Permaculture Design                                                  
  • Edible Forest Gardens
  • Restoration Agriculture                                              
  • Natural BuildingGarden
  • Regenerative Earthworks                                          
  • Edible Landscaping 
  • Agroforestry Systems                                                  
  • Water Security
  • Soil Fertility                                                                   
  • Bamboo Farming  
  • Keyline® Design and Plow Services                    
  • Ecovillage Design
  • Holistic Management                                                  
  • Rainwater Harvesting      

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For any size project…

Farms – Homesteads – Urban Landscapes – Community Projects – Agrarian Centered Communities or “Agri-hoods” – City Parks – University Campuses – School Yards – Golf Courses – Corporations/Institutions – Parks & Environmental Learning Centers – Conservation & Restoration Land Use Projects – Eco-resorts, Retreat Centers and spiritual Centers – Non-Profit and Government Organizations – Intentional Communities


If you want a professional opinion on your goals or project feasibility, advice on how to increase sustainability or regenerate a landscape and ideas to kick-start your own creativity, we will come walk your property with you.  We will get a sense of your vision that we may establish goals, analyze and access the site, identify patterns and engage in a design charrette.  During the charrette we may make quick, schematic drawings, provide further resources and give you feedback on your ideas.

½ day Consultations

If your property is less than 5 acres, it will take 3-5 hours, average, to walk the entire site.

Full Day Consultations

If your property is 5-20 acres, it will take a minimum of 8 hours to walk the entire site.

Multiple Day Consultations

Any property over 20 acres will take a several days to walk the site.

Pre-Purchase Land Assessment and Analysis

This consultation looks at the practicality and functionality of real estate, prior to purchase.  We can save you money and time by determining whether a piece of real estate meets your goals, needs and budget.

Professional Design 

Sometimes it is difficult to translate permaculture design principles into meaningful projects on your property. We can help you make your home, farm or business both ecologically and financially sustainable by finding ways to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity and minimize maintenance.


Phase 1

Initial Contact

Clients will receive our New Client Brochure to read, along with a goals brainstorm & project questionnaire to fill out and send in prior to an initial phone consultation.

Phase 2

Phone Consultation

Talking on the phone is how we better meet your goals for the site and further discuss overall design goals, applicable services, budgets, scope of the project, and timeline for the project.  This is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other and confirm that our company is a match to meet your needs.

Phase 3

Initial Site Consultation:  Site Analysis & Assessment and/or

Design Charrette (*Recommended for clients outside our area)

We schedule our initial site consultation and/or design charrette

We identify patterns of land use and clarify the client’s vision by creating a holistic goals statement.  We offer a summary of the patterns of the landscape and the goals of the client.

Site Analysis and Assessment is when we use “the scale of permanence” to plan, develop and manage the landscape.  This planning process helps us to gather information that will help the design emerge. We will look at, in order, Climate, Landform, Water, Access and Circulation, Forestry, Vegetation & Wildlife, Microclimates, Buildings & Infrastructure, Zones of use, Soils, Marketing and Energy.  We also use site/sector analysis and flow diagram overlays to help in this crucial phase.

By request, we will do a design charrette for the client that involves a 1-3+ day design intensive with the client(s).  This is a very rewarding educational experience for the client and depending on the scope of the project we will bring a team of designers (surveyors, landscape architects, graphic designers, etc) to the site to further speed up the design.  We will finish reports and timelines within 1 week of the design charrette.  Let us know if you are considering this option early in the conversation as we have to assemble our team and set dates to travel to your site.

Phase 4

Design Proposal

The design proposal is presented to clients that have agreed to hire Spiral Ridge to create a master plan: base maps, schematic designs, detailed designs, grazing plans, irrigation plans, construction plans, implementation plans, etc….  The proposal will give a brief overview of the vision of the project, scope of services to be performed, design deliverable, steps to completion, fee structures, time schedules and contracts.

Phase 5

Design Development

We will prepare  the overall concept and criteria of the design plus create several design scenarios for review.  After client feedback,  a master plan of the site is created, which will include graphically illustrated site plans, construction designs, and illustrated perspective drawings.

The Master Plan is a storyline of your design in text, images, graphs, lists, resources, maps, data, and graphic illustrations.  The Master Plan details the specific placement of elements, patch designs, habitat species lists, materials list, hydrology maps, budgets, grazing plans, enterprise budgets, marketing strategies, energy patterns and client’s design objectives.

Phase 6

Implementation plan

The implementation plan is a succession timeline (1-2yrs, 3-5yrs, 5-10yrs, 10-25yrs) of the design installation, phases of construction and planting recommendations.  Depending on the scope of the project we can create irrigation plans, construction documents, quantities lists, plus maintenance and management information.

Phase 7

The Design Report

We will present the final design, with full-sized drawings, in person, along with an aesthetically pleasing, information dense report booklet.  The booklet will contain all relevant plans, illustrations and a narrative.  The narrative will explain how the elements of design are woven together into a whole system, for optimum functionality.

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Installation & Maintenance 

We offer project support for any of our designs, at any scale.  We do installations on a case by case basis.  We can install any of the regenerative agriculture technologies that we offer on our business page.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture collaborates with a network of professional designers, landscapers, green builders, farmers, soil specialists, heavy equipment operators, foresters, gardeners, architects, water security specialists and renewable energy specialists to design and build your master plan.