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Permaculture Design Course: Weekend 3

As we move toward regenerative lifestyles it is important to think and act holistically.  To realize that we are a nature working and we are all designers by birthright.

Permaculture is about the earth, the people and equality.  As instructors we have to remember the importance of not only design and site analysis/assessment, we have to remember to ground our students with hands on projects.

As I teach more and more Permaculture Design Certification courses, I have observed peoples delight in creating something.  It is my philosophy that we need to teach more doing and a lot less power points about doing.  Design starts day 1!  Hands on projects too!












We learn holistically when we involve our hands, heart and head.  This weekend at Spiral Ridge Permaculture’s annual winter weekend PDC has been a lesson in how we learn and how we empower people to make positive change.

This weekend we did the design, layout and implementation of a net and pan system at The Farm School’s enchanted edible forest garden.  After finishing our base maps, we started our next phase of the design process: Site Analysis and Assessment using the scale of permanence.  We discussed what is appropriate technology’,  ate delicious gourmet meals, reviewed the design process, watched our children play, and have had a lot of fun.

Today we learn about soils, compost, gardens, design and seed saving.

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