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Plant Sale (near Nashville, TN)

plant sale at Spiral Ridge

Plant Starts are available in Spring.  On May 6, we host a free  International Permaculture Day educational event & tour of our homestead (click the link to register). A plant sale will follow. If you live in the Nashville area, join us for this event.

We will also be selling at The Farm Market Days April 15 and May 20.  We may also have an open house depending on availability.

We are located 70 miles S/SW of Nashville.  We offer many varieties of summer vegetables, heirloom tomatoes,  a variety of herbs & perennial plants.  All plants are grown using organic methods, though not “certified.”

plant sale nashville area

Heirloom tomato variety at Spiral Ridge PermacultureWe hand select the varieties that have grown well for us or are reported to due well in this particular climate.  We also offer organic amendments for your garden when we make our bi-annual group order for Nasvhille area farmers and gardeners.  See our farm and garden supplies page for more details.  Some amendments will be available during the plant sale.

New to gardening?  Consider one of our classes on garden design, soil fertility and more.  Check out our full events page calendar to see what we have to offer.  Many classes to help you grow more and be more self-reliant and sustainable.  Or, let us help you design your land.  We offer a full range of design services.  No project too big or small!

About our Plants


We source our seeds from companies that are committed to Non-GMO policies.  Many of the varieties are open pollinated, heirlooms.  We have also included some hybrids that have excellent disease resistance in our area.


Our plants are grown in a mineral-rich custom blend of the finest all organic ingredients.  We use:

Homemade vermicompost and castings – We make these products in our worm farm @ Spiral Ridge in the high tunnel.  Casts contains eight times as many micro-organisms as their feed!  Pathogenic bacteria are reliably killed in the worms’ gut. Worm casts also contain five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, and 11 times more potassium than ordinary soil, the main minerals needed for plant growth. Also rich in humic acids, which condition the soil, have a perfect pH balance, and contain plant growth factors similar to those found in seaweed. There’s nothing better to put in your garden!

Peat Moss – Canadian sourced from a company that restores harvested peat bogs to functioning wetlands.  We reduce our Peat Moss use by including…

Coconut Coir – Renewable resource and excellent potting medium made from coconut husks.

Perlite – prevents soil compaction

Kelp – Kelp releases nutrients slowly as they are broken down by soil microorganisms. Kelp contains over 70 vitamins and minerals beneficial to plants.

Azomite – a natural re-mineralizer for soil. It contains more than 67 trace mineral elements and every essential micro-mineral needed by plants and animals, including a wide range of rare earth elements and other minerals not included in fertilizers or animal feeds.

Lime – to neutralize acidity of peat moss.

Collodial Rock Phosphate – soft rock phosphate is insoluble in water, will not leach away, and therefore is long-lasting. Has 18% phosphorous and 15% calcium as well as trace elements.

Greensand – For Slow-release Potassium & Trace Minerals New Jersey Greensand (also known as glauconite) is an organic source of potassium (3%).

Feathermeal – an excellent long-term source of nitrogen


We use soil blocks to reduce the amount of plastic used during the initial stages of plant sale near nashville, tngrowth.  As much as possible we we transplant into recycled plastic pots that have been cleaned.

 Varieties: 2017 updated list coming soon…2016’s list below

Tomato – Heirloom Lollipop, Hungarian Paste, Heirloom Rutgers, Heirloom Wins All, Heirloom Vinson Watts, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Heirloom Amish Paste, Heirloom Principe Borchese, Heirloom San Marzano, Tropic VFN, Heirloom Druzba, Heirloom Abe Lincoln, Heirloom Annais Noir, Spitze, Santiam, Roma, Pompeii;

Summer Squash– Benning’s Green Tint, Costata Romanesca Zucchini, Tromboncino, Tatume

Winter Squash – Spaghetti, Seminole, Butternut Rogosa, Golden Delicious, Sweet Golden, Baby Blue Hubbard, TN Sweet Potato,

Eggplant – Listada De Gandia, Early Black Egg and maybe some Rosa

Basil – Sweet Lettuce Leaf, Thai, Greek, Genovese

Pepper – Long Red Cayenne, Jalapeno, Gamba (frying), Bell (these guys are not very big plants)

Heirloom Tomatillo, De Milpa

Flowers – Fordhook Nasturtium, Spanish Brocade Marigold