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On Farm Soil Building 1

The greatest asset we have is right under our feet.  Well,  it used to be.  Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens was clear cut in December of 2007.  The gardens sit on a rocky finger ridge with very little topsoil because it has washed down the hill into the creek and ultimately to the Mississippi.  As I discussed in the previous post on Regenerative Earthworks, water and soil are the key to regenerative farming systems.  At Spiral Ridge Permaculture Gardens we build soil in several different ways.  One way is with swale and pond systems that capture water and nutrients in the soil.  Another way, is the use of nitrogen fixing trees and cover crops.  When we have enough materials we make Thermophilic compost (http://www.compost-info-guide.com/fastcompost.htm) and humanure compost.  Animals play a key role in on farm fertility too.  One system in particular is our rabbitry and vermicompost system.  Our rabbits and our kitchen scraps supply our worms with everything they need to create lush earthworm castings.  These castings are used in our nursery’s annual starts and perennial potted plants.  This lessens our need to buy in lots of amendments.  Check out our first successful batches of earthworm castings from our subterranean worm bins/pathway in our high tunnel.

Who needs $ when you have worms and poo?

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