Permaculture Homestead Internships 2013

Digging SwalesWe are excited to offer a personalized hands on learning opportunity for those interested in permaculture and homesteading. The full season internship focuses on all aspects of homesteading. Activities will be dependent on the season but will include: Seed starting, tree planting, swale building, cheese making, beer making, animal husbandry (pigs, ducks,chickens,goats,rabbits), vermiculture, animal processing, trail building, natural building (carpentry,plumbing, electrical, masonry, straw bale, cob, straw clay slip, framing, earthbags etc.), gardening, fermenting, fence building, earthworks, meal preparation, nutrition, rainwater catchment, drip irrigation, beekeeping, aquaculture, solar installation, spring restoration, remineralization, soil testing, soil food web compost/teas, biodynamics, forest gardening, medicinals, marketing, design, community building, pruning, grafting, plant propagation, bamboo farming, woodland crafts, foraging, terraces, hugelkulture beds, mushrooms, art, and more.

1 Full season May-Oct :: $2400 = 30hrs/week
  • All Interns are welcome to take any courses on the homestead during their internship as long as they fulfill the work duties.
  • Full season intern must have a PDC. They will also student teach with us during PDC’s and assist in designing/consulting in the field with real clients. They are encouraged to take advanced courses while interning. This pathway is for people who want to get a diploma through Permaculture Institute of North America (forming)

Steps to register:

  • Letter of introduction
  • 2 phone interviews
  • Two references
  • Omnivores preferred
  • Paid in full before attending

Please contact Cliff or Jennifer here.

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