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Holistic Pig Grazing at Spiral Ridge Homestead

Today Jason and Sam (our interns) learned how we rotate our pigs through the homestead. We set up our #1 paddock today. We will be monitoring the paddock over the next week to inform us when we need to move them to paddock #2.
The paddocks are lush with clovers, rye, vetch, oats, vegetative tree coppice, winter peas, chicory, dandelion and more. The pigs love clover. They literally attack it. That is their first choice.
We are using simpler systems for shelter this summer too. 4 t posts and a 10×10 tarp. Covering the most essential element for pigs. The wallow. Pigs make this first. Water in the wallow is a must. To create a wallow we simply identify where we want to plant a tree in the paddock, sprinkle corn down and add water. They will instantly create a boomerang shaped wallow perfect for planting their future tree forage.
We then fly a tarp over the wallow, set up a water bowl pegged to the ground with bent rebar stakes, hook up the electric fencing and we are done. We then set up the other paddock fence. A piggy back system! Ha!

Simple Pig Shelter Over Wallow

Pigs in Food Forest