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Holistic Management & Keyline Design Course 1

Water Abundance? Soil Fertility?  Increased Profits? Positive Environmental Impacts?  Better Quality of Life?

Who doesn’t want that for their FARM or HOMESTEAD?


Learn how during our back to back Holistic Management and Keyline Design Courses, designed to help to create a whole farm plan and design to reduce inputs and increase production.  Take one or both!

We are so excited to bring Owen Hablutzel to the south for these courses.

Owen Hablutzel is a Keyline Design® consultant and Holistic Management® Certified Educator working in the U.S. and internationally.  Trained under the world’s leading Keyline consultant, Darren Doherty (heenandoherty.com), Owen has been successfully working to transform soils and fertility, and to increase whole landscape hydration through regenerative techniques since 2007.  By working together with farms, ranches, and land managing organizations his integrated and dynamic approach is helping to create more fertile landscapes, robust farm economies, and resilient watersheds.

Farmers should make a good living.  Agriculture should be good for the environment.  Farm products should be healthy!  

We’ve recently dropped the prices to make it as affordable as possible for the people who need it.  Local Farmer special pricing is also available.  If you can get a group together of 4 or more, we can offer more discounts.

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