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Holistic Grazing Plan for our new farm venture

Today we met with our friend and colleague Greg Brann who is an NRCS grazing and soil specialist trained in Holistic Management.  We met at our friends 25 acre farm to discuss fencing, watering, keyline, livestock and multi species grazing management.  Spiral Ridge Permaculture is partnering with our friends to start a regenerative agriculture research project that will include holistic grazing, keyline cultivation,  fertility farming, silvopasture, regenerative forestry and woodland pigs.  As we gain more hands on experience from this project we plan to lease larger farms to duplicate our findings.

Off Grid Yurt Home IMG_0472 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0471We talked with Greg about stocking densities, paddock sizes, multi species grazing, watering systems, fencing patterns, and livestock selection.

After inspecting the grasses, testing the soil with a pentrometer, and taking a walk through the woodland we got a good start on designing the site.

We plan to do more detailed designs after Cliff gets back from Holistic Management training.

This spring our plan is to get started implementing the design.

Stay tuned.