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Farm & Garden Supplies

Organic Farm & Garden Supplies

Farm & Garden Supplies are special ordered once in spring and once in fall.

Read all of the information below, carefully.

Farm and Garden Supply order is due March 1, 2020

Delivery for March order should be ready for pick up 7-10 days later

Organic Fertilizers • Animal Supplements • Animal Feeds • Micro-Nutrients  • Natural Herbicides • OG Cover Crop Seed • Pest Management  •  Growing Mixes • Row Covers • Bird Netting • Deer Fence & Supplies

Tax is not included in the price listed.  

Tennessee sales tax applies to all orders, unless you have a non-profit or farm exempt status in which case we will need one of the following:

  • A copy of the Tennessee Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption
  • A copy of the wallet-sized exemption card also provided by the Department of Revenue, or
  • A fully-completed Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption, which includes the exemption number on the certificate or card issued by the department

Items must be picked up at our homestead in Summertown, TN within 1 weeks of it’s arrival, which is usually 1 week from the order deadline.  We are available mostly on weekdays.  For large orders we may be able to ship to other locations.   If you want to arrange a group order in another area, such as Huntsville, AL, or the like, and the order is large enough, we may be able to drop ship to that location and you can disperse it among yourselves.  I will need payment upfront.

You can also get bulk prices. I will not be combining orders for bulk pricing, but people are welcome to combine their orders to get the best price as long as:

1) it is placed as one order

2) it is paid in one payment and

3) it is picked up all together.

We accept cash, money order, and check for all purchases.  If you need to pay with credit card (Paypal) contact us and we will send an invoice.  An additional 2.9% fee will be added to the cost of purchase.

A minimum of 2000 lbs for the entire combined order will need to be met, or I will have to charge a little more to cover shipping.  I will let you know if there will be any increase in price.  We have never had to charge extra as our orders are consistently big enough.

Our supplier is Seven Springs Farm Supply.  Go to the link to see the full catalog.  We can get anything on their website at the price listed, plus tax (unless you are exempt) and shipping.  The advantage of ordering as a group, is that we all save by utilizing freight shipping for pallets.  The group shipping cost usually works out to $1 for every 10 lbs. of product you order.  Send me an email with your name, address, phone number, the items (with their size and quantity) and send it to:  subject: farm supply.